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Giaschi-Pacini Files Papers To Run For Mayor

It’s official – Bracebridge councillor Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini has filed her papers to run for Mayor. In a press release, Giaschi-Pacini states the following: “Since 2006, I have been a strong voice for taxpayers of both Bracebridge and Muskoka at both the District and Town of Bracebridge levels of government. In my crucial role as advocate, […]

Muskoka Lakes Township Sells Historic Duke House

A historic gem for some; an albatross around Township’s neck to others, the historic Duke House in Port Carling has been sold. Buyer Jayne McCaw of Jayne’s Cottages says the building will become the new office for her luxury cottage rental business. The sale price of $521,000 will offset some of the hundreds of thousands […]

Celebrate World Wetlands Day In Muskoka

Urban wetlands make cities livable in many important ways. They reduce flooding, replenish drinking water, filter waste, provide urban green spaces, and are a source of livelihoods. These wetland benefits grow ever more crucial as the number of people living in cities globally passes the 4 billion mark and continues to rise.  Unfortunately, most people […]

Muskoka Discovery Centre Announces 1st New Permanent Exhibit Since 2006

The Watershed Gallery at the Muskoka Discover Centre in Gravenhurst will be an innovative, interactive virtual exploration of the Muskoka River Watershed. When it opens in July 2018, through cutting-edge technology, visitors will discover how the watershed works and how it shapes their lives. Visitors will also learn how research conducted on the Muskoka Watershed […]